Can I Date Without Sex?

Sex is an act between two consenting adults and if either of the partners does it against the will of the other, then it becomes rape. Sex can also be seen as a mutual agreement between two matured minds.Sex is a terrific experience that has been ordained by God. It becomes unholy, unlawful, immoral when it is practised premaritally. Premarital sex has now become a common phenomenon among young people, that it is seen as a sign of love. There has been so many campaigns against sex before marriage, even the Holy books clearly kicked against it, yet single men and women ignorantly and blindfoldedly go into premarital sex.This argument on premarital sex could go on till infinity, because there are a million and one single men and women out there, who believe they must have sex with whoever they are dating. To many people sex is a way of showing commitment, a sign of love and pleasure.So many young people have misconstrued the idea of sex and many singles believe it is an act of love. Most singles fail to realise that sex is not love and love is not sex.There are so many reasons why single men and women should stay out of premarital sex until they are married. One of the reasons is that;1. Premarital sex is a sin before God Almighty. God supports and encourages sex when it is being practise in marriage.2. Another reason against premarital sex is the contraction of deadly infections or sexually transmitted diseases.3. Premarital sex also leads to unwanted pregnancy.To some people the two consequences above could be avoided by practising safe sex. But above all God Almighty frowns at sex before marriage.Often curiosity pushes one to sex. It starts with the question; What do they have underneath the clothes? Also, the irresistible feminine endowment in women attracts some men for sex.For most men, it is for pleasure and for a few women, it is out of love. Gone are the days when anyone would be forced to practise no marriage no sex relationship.Although some churches and other religious groups preach against sex before marriage, the number of young men and women involved in sex on daily basis in religious organisations is alarming.But, is it possible to date without sex? That is a question that will be mutually answered by two persons involved in the affair and not a counsellor.

Adult Acne – 3 Ways You Can Control and Eliminate Your Adult Acne Forever Without a Dermatologist

Adult acne is one of the most embarrassing diseases an adult can have. What’s worse, there’s few ways of really controlling and eliminating the acne on adults besides undergoing expensive treatments, hormonal medicines, or prescription acne medication.However, there are natural acne treatments to treat adult acne that most dermatologists won’t tell you about. Why? Because it’s bad for business. If dermatologists and doctors told you that you could control your acne from home without having to come in for treatments once or twice a month or buy a prescription through them every couple of months, what do you think that does to their paycheck?I suffered from acne as a teen. I was hoping it was just a hormonal phase I was going through, and that once I got out of puberty my skin would settle down. Well guess what? It didn’t. Towards the end of my teen years, it just got worse. I tried several acne treatments at the dermatologist, some of which helped, but it didn’t take it away completely. Now I suffer from adult acne.Fortunately, I’ve found a number of ways to keep my acne under control. Last year, I had a breakout that gave me quite a few small scars on my face. By taking the following supplements and acne helps, I have since been able to keep my acne down to one or two zits per month. Sounds like progress, doesn’t it?1. Zinc: I started taking zinc internally when I heard about how well it cleared up acne and fought the bacteria in skin. Just 50 mg per day helped me get on the road to clear skin. Don’t take more than this, as an overdose of zinc can be poisonous.2. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is great for acne, both when taken internally, and when applied directly onto affected areas. Take 1000 mg internally every day, and apply grated orange peel mixed with water onto topical areas on your skin.3. Acne Cleanse Diet: This is perhaps the most crucial step in taking care of adult acne. When cleansers no longer are effective on your skin, and there’s acne in too many places to cure all at once, you’re going to have to start working from the inside out. An acne cleanse works using foods and other OTC products you can find much more cheaply than by taking medication.

Is the Constitution Dead for US Citizens Labeled As a Sex Offender?

The US Constitution, with the Bill of Rights, is supposed to protect life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to ALL its citizens. However, for a certain section of the US citizenry, namely those labeled as registered sex offenders, any such rights become largely absent, with more restrictive laws being passed locally, statewide, and nationally. These people have served their time in incarceration and paid their restitution, and yet they are subjected to harsher social ostracism for decades, even for life in several states.Let us look at how far the United States has come with the gradual chipping away of the Constitutional rights for the people labeled as sex offenders.1st Amendment – In certain state/s, like North Carolina, it is illegal for anyone registered as a sex offender to visit social websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Such laws further isolate these people from their family and friends who live away from them.These people are required to disclose their identity in a church or religious places where they attend. This creates an environment of suspicion and discomfort for everyone. Moreover, such requirements infringe upon a person’s right to practice a religion freely and peaceably.It is generally illegal for them to assemble with each other. Such restrictions stifle their voices from being heard by precluding them from organizing a protest. Social media laws also prohibit them from expressing their concerns or issues in wider social forum.Generally, there is a lack of fact-base and honest discussion in news media regarding the sex offender issue. Meanwhile, few cases are hyped to bring about even harsher laws across the board in the registry. This only reflects the lack of freedom of press in a broader spectrum for people in the registry.2nd Amendment – It is generally illegal for people with a felony to possess a firearm, which precludes them from exercising their constitutional right to protect themselves, their family, and their property using firearms.3rd Amendment – N/A4th Amendment – Apart from their regular sentences in incarceration, people convicted of a sex crime usually serve additional sentence in a form of Post Release Supervision for many years which is similar to probation. People who are in Post Release Supervision are subjected to any searches and seizures without the need for a warrant or a probable cause. This is apart from the sex offender registry itself which sets its own restrictions on a place of residence, work, social associations, etc.5th Amendment – People who are in the Sex Offender Registry have already served their mandatory minimum sentence in incarceration. The registry, with its inherent restrictions and requirements, is a form of additional penalty. However, decades or even lifetime of additional punishment is not considered as a double jeopardy or a cruel & unusual punishment. This reflects gross injustice against them in the society.Sex offenders are also subjected to become a witness against themselves ( & 7th Amendments – The notion of sex crime is such that people are generally predisposed to crude preconceived notions regardless of a crime or whether any victim was involved. Sex offender registry has become so broad that petty offenses like public urination, public nudity, underage teenage consensual sex, underage teens having their nude photograph in their phone, adult consensual sex in a beach, etc. can all land someone in the sex offender registry ( With the overwhelming negatively in the society, people labeled as sex offenders are more likely to be convicted in a trial and receive harsher judgment.8th Amendment – Bail system in this country is a multi-billion dollar business, and bails are generally handed out in our courts like candies during Halloween. People accused of a sex crime are generally more likely to receive higher bonds due to fear and social stigma.9th Amendment – Those who are in the sex offender registry are restricted to travel freely. They need prior notification and permission to travel. More restrictions are imposed upon those under supervision or probation.In the states like Florida where sex offenders are marked in their driver’s license, they are more likely to face discrimination even in minor incident such as a routine traffic stop or while booking a hotel room. Also with the recent expansion of the International Megan Law, sex offender passports can be marked. This has opened new doors of restrictions or discrimination against sex offenders abroad, even physical harm to them and their families traveling with them.10th – 27th Amendments – N/A, except for the infringement upon the right to vote in some States, especially those under probation or supervision.